Cheerleaders of America is an all-star squad of  NFL cheerleaders,
current and former,  who came together to support America’s Team,
our US military personnel here in our homeland and deployed
countries around the world. Whether it be a visit, an autograph and
photograph session, or a fully-staged 90 minute variety show, the
objective of the cheerleaders is to lift the spirits of the airmen,
soldiers, sailors and marines by bringing them a “Touch of Home”.   
“If we can help these brave individuals kick back, have some mental
free time, and let them know they are not forgotten by those at
home, our goal has been accomplished”, said Vicki Pfeiffer, director
of Cheerleaders of America.

When not on tour, Cheerleaders of America, with headquarters in
Phoenix, Arizona, supports local charities and produces half time
shows for colleges and professional sports teams across the United
States.  If you are interested in contacting Cheerleaders of America,
please email Vicki at vicki@cheeramerica.org

this site is dedicated to our heroic armed forces

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who proudly serve in peace and war



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